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Uses of Henna Powder

Henna dried powder online purchase in India

Henna is a shrub with branched roots, with stems and thin, upright branches, gray in color. Its leaves are thin and dark green and have small and fragrant flowers, white or greenish-white and berry fruit almost spherical, bright black and red pulp; It can reach up to 5 m in height.

The dust to which the leaves of this shrub are reduced collected in the spring and then dried outdoors; It is used to dye and was used in cosmetics .

It comes mainly from India , Rajasthan region, where there is the highest production in cultivated hectares of great quality and strength, although we also find extensive crops in the area of ??Morocco and the entire Asian part , Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, or Mexico.

Use for Hair

The hair frames our face and practically the most powerful tool that helps us enhance our features. Henna is a plant that gives hair color in a natural way, coppery or reddish reflections . It has many benefits, for its molecules: “tannins”, which have great affinity with the molecules of our hair, pigmenting and reconstructing the melanin of the hair, making it thick and shiny.

Asian women, Indians and other parts of the world usually use it as a valuable complement to beauty, and they pass it on from generation to generation.

The beauty of a woman’s hair is fundamental. Having healthy, young, luminous hair, with brightness and spectacular body is the dream of any woman. If you get a nice hair, any complement: dress, jewelry, shoes, etc. they stay below, in the attention ranking.

What Henna offers:

It usually gives a reddish tone, although combined with other natural herbs it offers a varied range of colors, which starts from the treatments we offer at Hammam & Henna .

Henna does not discolor hair, therefore it does not spoil it. Quite the opposite, since it is an excellent method to keep it healthy, with body and shine.

Along with its ability to tint hair, Henna is an excellent balm. The Henna hair masks are a natural treatment that gives the hair strength and shine, while using its coloring quality to enhance the tone of the hair.

The application of the plant in white hair “gray hair” gives a reddish orange color , the rest of the hair does not change in color, we can only find a very faint reflection, reddish iridescent, with successive applications, but that do not change the base color practically. What is immediately noticeable is how the hair shines, takes strength and volume. It regulates the PH of the scalp because it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, exfoliating and anti-bacterial qualities.

With the successive applications the curl or the curling of the hair will not require any conditioner, since the molecules of the Henna  accumulate around it, pigmenting it and reconstructing the melanin of it, even producing a rejuvenation.

Important considerations

Before using it, it is important to keep in mind :

Henna is presented for sale and powder application. The powder is the crushed leaf of the plant, which when mixed with hot water results in a vegetable clay, which applied to the hair and allowing it to act for an hour and a half or two, has a repairing, therapeutic and beauty effect.

This plant has to give you the full guarantee and assurance that it is from “organic farming”, non-transgenic seeds and without pesticides, so the people who sell it to you should have a technical sheet of reliability for all these concepts.

There is no blond or neutral Henna, nor is there brown or black Henna. These denominations are created for the sale of the product and we do not know what it is mixed with to obtain those tones. We would probably be talking about chemicals or minerals that are quite abrasive to the hair. Although in the box of the product indicate 100% natural does not guarantee its quality.

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