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Uses of tulasi powder

Thulasi powder online purchase in India

Tulasi , considered “the holiest plant on earth” and ubiquitous in Ayurvedic treatments to combat a variety of ailments.

India’s sacred plant

This plant also known as “holy basil” is an aromatic plant native to the Indian subcontinent cultivated for its healing properties. It is in the form of a shrub whose size can vary from 30 cm up to 1 meter high.

In India, the Tulasi plant is considered a kind of medicinal solution for life and is supposed to promote longevity.

The medicinal properties of Tulasi powder

Tulasi extract is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine in various forms to help our body adapt to stress: herbal tea, dry powder, fresh leaves or mixed with ghee .

Because one of the active components of Tulasi is eugenol, an oil used in medicine for its antiseptic and analgesic properties. It acts on the immune system, cardiovascular, gastric, urinary as well as on the central nervous system. Eugenol also has a protective effect on the liver, heart and blood.

The Tulasi leaf powder has powerful adaptogenic effects: it calms the nerves. The powder extracted from the Tulasi root helps reduce the level of cortisol, the main hormone secreted from cholesterol.

More generally, it boosts our immune system and strengthens our vitality . Despite its soothing properties, it is an excellent tonic. Anti-inflammatory, it helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

Some studies claim that Tulsi helps protect organs and tissues against certain pesticides , heavy metals (such as mercury, lead and arsenic) and ionizing radiation . Its antioxidant properties help fight against aging.

Finally, the essential oil extracted from Tulasi is mainly used for medicinal purposes in herbal cosmetics, especially against irritation of the scalp, acne and anti-aging products.

You will understand, this plant is very useful to our well-being in everyday life . If you taste a Tulsi leaf, its spicy and slightly bitter taste will surprise you. It can be used in the form of powder, fresh or dried leaves, essential oil … You can easily find them on product shops natural online .

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