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Medicinal uses of licorize powder

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Licorice, a plant with many virtues

The licorize is a plant which belong to the family of fabaceae. They usually flowers during he months of June and july. This plant is considered as a perennial plant, a plant which will live for several years.The can be easily identified by the purplish colour of its flowers.

A root with recognized healing effects

The medicinal uses of licorice was recognized in many cultures from the ancient times. It was used in the traditional medicine of chinese and by greeks and romans.It stimulates the prana energy within and has anti-inflammatory properties. A scientific committee which was charged with testing and validating the properties of medicinal plants recognized licorice effectiveness in treating digestive disorders and inflammation of respiratory system.

Uses of licorice powder

Liquorice powder is mainly used for its sweetening and softening qualities: sweets, sweet drinks, herbal teas, syrups, desserts …

The medicinal virtues of licorice powder

The medicinal uses of licorice powder is that it helps in bringing relief to various aliments like sore throats, bronchitis, ulcers. The licorice powder in adequate quantity with boiling water makes a perfect healing drink. It can also be applied externally to relive irritation and skin problems.

Recommendations, precautions and contraindications of licorice powder

It is recommended for moderate consumption and excessive daily consumption should not happen as over consumption may cause the risk of triggering headaches, lethargy, hypertension, retention water and excess sodium.

The major Health benefits of Licorice powder

1. The health benefits of licorice powder for the respiratory tract

Glycyrrhizin contained in licorice reduces inflammation of the airways. It inhibits the growth and the pathological effect of many viruses . Recommended for the treatment of respiratory disorders, this plant relieves symptoms such as coughs and sore throats and helps to thin the mucus . It can fight viruses that attack the airways.

2. Licorice against inflammation
Its action on the adrenal glands makes it effective in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome . It is also useful in almost all inflammatory conditions. Thus, it is recommended in the treatment of hepatitis, as it helps reduce inflammation of the liver and inhibit the action of viruses that are often the cause of this disease.

3. The virtues of licorice to aid digestion and counteract stomach upset
Antispasmodic, liquorice fights digestive disorders, including epigastric bloating, slow digestion, belching, flatulence. It is also useful in case of ulcer, gastritis and functional colopathy. Laboratory studies have shown in vitro that its flavonoids kill the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which is involved in stomach ulcers. It can also help to cure mouth sores and mouth sores .

4. The estrogenic activity of licorice
Glycyrrhizin exerts a slight estrogenic activity: it binds to the estrogen receptors of the body. Thus, when the estrogen level is too high (this is the case in premenstrual syndrome ), glycyrrhizin blocks the receptors of these hormones and reduces their action; when estrogen levels are low (such as after menopause), glycyrrhizin has a mild but effective effect. Licorice is also recommended for the treatment of certain menopausal or menopausal disorders.

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